psfsubtraction.fitpsf.sectors(self)[source] [edit on github]

Generate a function that generates sector regions

A pixel is included in a region, if the pixel center falls within the region boundaries.

This function makes use of the following fitter attributes, which have to be set to use this function:

fitter.sector_radius : np.array
boundaries for sector elements in pixels.
fitter.sector_phi : int or quantity
If this is an int it sets the number of sectors that make up a full circle. If this is an astropy.quantity it is interpreted as the boundaries of the angular bins. It should cover the range from 0 to 2 pi (or 360 deg, if units is degrees).
fitter.sector_center : tuple or None
x, y position of the center of all sectors (in pixel coordinates). None selects the center of the input image.
regions : generator

sector regions